Spelling can be fun, spelling can be taught

Don’t want to interest anyone too much so this one is just a list to engage students in spelling. Might one day get round to ordering it.

What’s the idea

  1. It’s not enough to say “learn how to spell it”: spelling is a skill and skills need to be taught
  2. Spelling in English is learning to look at words, not listen to them. Forget dictation – it’s a rubbish activity
  3. Spelling can be boring, but it need not be. My students actually rather like it (litotes). Why? It’s integrated into general language learning

10 activities that work in the classroom

  1. The dictogloss: the thinking person’s alternative to the dictation
  2. Spelling scrabble: good for active learners
  3. The wordsearch
  4. The crossword: does a bit of setting up
  5. Hangman: old favourites never die
  6. Look cover: nice internet site to practise
  7. Variations of the running dictation
  8. Grammar auction with error correction
  9. Word families using Wordle
  10. Odd one out activities.
  11. Dictionary race
  12. Cheating in tests
  13. Interactive cloze tests
  14. Chain writing: correcting other people’s mistakes
  15. Get them to read – lots and lots
  16. The silent spelling test
  17. Read and listen at the same time – it can work for spelling anyway

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